selling your land fast for cash can be very easy as long as your mind is ready for it. First, do your research and stop being emotional, if you see that lots in your area are selling for 10k, don’t try to sell it for 12k, when you deal with dry land under 20k putting


  The idea that Fall and Winter are slow months for purchasing land is not believed to be valid anymore. “Selling Season” is year round, and there is no reason to lose chances on potential buyers by removing listings during what is consider being a “slow” buying market.   Real estate buyers are browsing properties


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    After living in Port Charlotte, FL for roughly 26 years, I can honestly say that I grew up in a town that had many dirt roads with few residential and commercial properties. The land value was extremely low, however, there was not too many buyers since our location on the map was still undisclosed. Year by


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North Port has a great selection of areas to reside in. Either a gated community such as Bobcat Trail or Heron’s Glen with their well-maintained golf courses, or an affordable neighborhood home. Without having the traffic like a larger city, North Port is an commute to Venice or Englewood Beach. North Port, Fl should be at the top of anyone’s


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When it comes to investing in land, Cape Coral, Florida continues to be the most sought out destination throughout the state of Florida. The population in Cape Coral is booming, as it is the largest city in the Southwest region of Florida. With beautiful beaches and tropical weather, buying land in Cape Coral has been

About Vacant Lots

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A vacant lot is basically nothing more than a parcel of land on which nothing has been built. However, a lot can also be considered vacant if a structure does exist on it, but the structure has been vacated by the owners or inhabitants. Vacant lots can exist in rural areas or smack in the

Who is Sharp Landing LLC?

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Sharp Landing LLC is a Land Acquisition company that fills vacant land orders for auction companies, developers, and international investors. We purchase land in Southwest Florida. For more information, please call (941) 275-9834

How to Find Unclaimed Abandoned Land

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Property that was once inhabited can become unclaimed or abandoned for many reasons: foreclosure, bankruptcy, or shifts in neighborhood demographics that prompt owners of homes and businesses to move on. If you are interested in finding vacant property, you can research databases maintained by federal agencies, search through bank listings for real estate owned properties

Uses for Vacant Land

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Vacant land represents a blank canvas. It can be used for almost anything depending on its location, what you want to accomplish and what sort of financing you need to make it happen. Although the value of the land is based on its best and highest use, not everyone will want to realize the full

How to Register Unclaimed Land

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For a long time courts have mandated that unclaimed property be registered to the state of the owner’s last known address. If that owner remains unknown, or the owner maintains domicile outside of the country, the unclaimed or abandoned property is to be registered with the holder’s (the person who has current possession of the