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When it comes to investing in land, Cape Coral, Florida continues to be the most sought out destination throughout the state of Florida. The population in Cape Coral is booming, as it is the largest city in the Southwest region of Florida.

With beautiful beaches and tropical weather, buying land in Cape Coral has been a great opportunity for investors, especially since the profit margin is highly prosperous, even more so than other areas in Florida.

The city of Cape Coral is comprised of four main sections: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. Depending on personal preferences, each section will have the perfect lot for anyone interested in purchasing land.

There are many areas to purchase inexpensive land within Cape Coral, however, the waterfront properties remain the most desirable with both freshwater and gulf access waterways.

Majority of the vacant land in Cape Coral is an ease to obtain, as well as cost effective. With thousands of dry vacant lots available in today’s current market, picking and choosing the lot that best suits one’s needs is effortless.

Investors acquiring land in such a lucrative city like Cape Coral, is a very smart business move that will only return in a substantially high ROI. To gather more information on buying land in Cape Coral or to view our current Cape Coral land for sale inventory, please contact the Sharp Landing Team at (941) 275-9864. or email us at

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