How To Sell My Dry Lot In Less Than 30 Days?

by / Tuesday, 24 March 2015 / Published in Blog

How To Sell My Dry Lot In Less Than 30 Days?

selling your land fast for cash can be very easy as long as your mind is ready for it.

First, do your research and stop being emotional, if you see that lots in your area are selling for 10k, don’t try to sell it for 12k, when you deal with dry land under 20k putting a lot an extra 1k over market price will effect you, and you will have to wait forever to make a sale

Focus on an Agent that specialized in land and not residential house, Agent that specialized in land have already a portfolio of investors/buyers ready to buy and work a lot with construction company that are are always hunting for land.

Research and check on  the land acquisition company or the agents you are doing business with including reviews, feedback and are they using 3 third party site targeting land buyer

Search online for local land acquisition company by search “we buy land” and include the city of your lot

Stop listenings to peoples rumor, as a land consultant I was always able to find buyers at the right price and did not matter if the economy was at the rock bottom or the high peak

conclusion, price it  right and you will sell it in less than 30 days

if you  land is located in SWFL feel free to contact out land consultant Team as we have many buyers purchasing land full time all year around.

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