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1655711_262629500586829_3951869283125763029_oAfter living in Port Charlotte, FL for roughly 26 years, I can honestly say that I grew up in a town that had many dirt roads with few residential and commercial properties. The land value was extremely low, however, there was not too many buyers since our location on the map was still undisclosed.

Year by year, and section by section, Port Charlotte slowly started becoming more developed in areas that, in the end, attracted more residents and seasonal home buyers than this town would ever expect.

In August 2005, Port Charlotte and surrounding neighborhoods, took a hard hit from the Category 4 Hurricane Charley. An extensive amount of homes and businesses were demolished and families left devastated. Preceding this event, the city felt like they were faced with a set back on how they could rebuild what was destroyed. However, with heads full of hope, Port Charlotte came back to life and built the town up better than it was before!

With Port Charlotte now being flooded with residential houses and commercial companies, purchasing land has become a hot market. The pricing of vacant land is still fairly cheap, yet the potential profit made is very rewarding. Port Charlotte is gaining the recognition it deserves, and more and more people are starting to see that for themselves!

If you’re looking to purchase land that is surrounded by sunshine and sparkling waters, then Port Charlotte may be the destination for you. The cost of living is inexpensive, and not to mention the taxes are fairly low.

To gather more information on buying land in Port Charlotte or to view our current Port Charlotte land for sale inventory, please contact the Sharp Landing Team at (941) 275-9864. or email us at manager@slcorporate.net.

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