Selling Season Is Every Season For Vacant Land

by / Thursday, 04 December 2014 / Published in Blog


The idea that Fall and Winter are slow months for purchasing land is not believed to be valid anymore. “Selling Season” is year round, and there is no reason to lose chances on potential buyers by removing listings during what is consider being a “slow” buying market.


Real estate buyers are browsing properties all year long; therefore, there is no off season for land buyers, since the internet is the most used marketing tool to date.


Here are some statistics that NAR, National Association of REALTORS, and Google found while they teamed up to search the online trends for real estate buyers:



  • Over 90% of real estate buyers search online.
  • Real estate searches on the Internet have grown by 253% over a recent 4 year period.
  • Most real estate shoppers visit multiple sites looking for the right opportunity. 78% of online real estate shoppers visit 3 or more sites prior to taking an action, so having broad exposure is key when selling online.
  • 36% of those shopping for real estate online use devices such as phones or tablets to shop for real estate while watching TV at the same time.
  • Most buyers use a real estate agent, who they often find online, with real estate broker-related searches on tablets growing 300% year over year.
  • The growth of buyers using the Internet and tablets to find information on new home opportunities and Homebuilders is even greater, growing at 362% year over year.



With the internet being available 24 hours a day, the search for what is active in the market yields for endless opportunities to find and buy properties.


As 2015 is approaching and with the high expectation in the home building industry, starting research in the Fall and Winter only makes sense in order to obtain vacant land to build your new home on in the New Year.


In addition, land buyers are not the same as home buyers, therefore, the marketing strategies and techniques highly differ. While marketing homes in the Winter may not be as beneficial as other seasons, the same cannot be said regarding land.

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